You can make a reservation for 24 hours.

•The average time required for one operation is about 2 hours.
(It may vary depending on the customer's scalp condition on the day of work)
•The procedure is performed once a week on average.
If the scalp condition is very bad: You can proceed to the next round.
If the scalp is in good condition: It is also possible with a 3-day term.
Kiki Brothers prioritizes your scalp condition

How to make a reservation

• The deposit is 10% of the treatment price.
After confirming the deposit, the reservation will be confirmed.
Cancellations and changes to reservations cause time and financial damage.
Please contact us at least 3 days in advance, and if you change the reservation date on the same day
It may not be possible to arrange for the desired date.

Kiki Brothers' various discounts and cashback benefits

• 5% payback of total work cost when sharing a review on your SNS (blog/Youtube)
• Up to 50% discount for treatments of three or more areas
• 10% discount on both sides when booking with acquaintances

After SMP procedure, precautions and management method

▪️ Please refrain from shampooing on the day of work.
Be sure to use lukewarm or cold water for the first shampoo the next day without shampoo.
▪️ Please refrain from sweating exercise on the day of work.
▪️ Please refrain from excessive drinking on the day of work.
▪️ Please refrain from sauna, perm, and dyeing on the day of work and the next day.
▪️ Do not over-clean or scratch hard with your fingernails while working.
▪️ Please pay attention to moisturizing the scalp while you are working. If the working area is not dry, it does not spread and during the procedure
It is helpful for good results and future maintenance.
▪️ Please stop applying medicine before work.
▪️ Stop drinking before work, and take enough rest.
▪️Problem scalp can be worked after management or
It is advisable to perform the procedure with management.


Kiki Brothers uses a very thin needle
Because it works in detail, the treatment time is better than that of other shops.
While it takes a long time, it’s natural even when viewed from any angle
The completeness is excellent.
The design also considers the individual's hair loss and head
We carefully implement the best design, not the same design.
Try to change with Kiki Brothers' overwhelming techniques and techniques.
We pride ourselves on being the best choice and alternative in existence.


 You can experience the safe and perfect quality Kiki Brothers you have been looking for.
 The quality of life is different.
It's not just your appearance that builds confidence. You will be confident in everything you do, whatever you do.
No more secretly stressed.
This is Kiki Brothers, a place where celebrities, flight attendants, nouns, and Hallyu stars are looking for.